Black Gravity

Concept: Mbene Mwambene in collaboration with Blackbox by experitheater. Text and Performance: Mbene Mwambene. Light and sound: Bharathi Mayandi. Premiere: 2020 Blackbox Zurich. Also shown at Blackbox Bern and Radiesli Jubiläumsfest in August/September 2021.
Even the Heaven is under siege by Corona pandemics. So, God has imposed strict measures as always. Hence Jesus escapes from Heaven to seek refuge on earth where he wants to launch a new career and clear his name. He wants to be yoga teacher, an opera singer and so forth. But the hiccup is that this time around, Jesus is not no longer blue eyed with golden hair color according to white people. The son of two fathers (Joseph and God) has to prove to the world he is progressive and modern man to re-intergrate. Besides that there is a newly found disease on earth called Black Gravity which only attacks skins of people with a different heritage. Well, this is just a theater piece others call satire or comedy. Let us find out!