Ngunza - Der Prophet

‍Author: Rafael David Kohn (Inspiration from the story of Simon Kimbangu); Director: Ramsés Alfa; Premiere: Theater Konstanz, 2019
After forty years of Belgian colonial rule, the population of Congo has shrunk to half. Religious and nationalist movements are emerging in the early 1920s. African organizations, even religious ones, are banned. Simon Kimbangu, prophet and miracle healer, calls for non-violent resistance. He is sentenced to death and then pardoned for life by the Belgian king. Kimbangu dies after thirty years in prison. The plot of the play begins in 1921. Charles, an intellectual Bantu, and his comrades are fed up with the Belgian terror regime. They want the independence of the Congo and are not afraid of armed resistance. Their motives are different, their aim is the same. Charles is ordered to murder a Belgian administrator. The day before the planned assassination, Charles agrees to attend a sermon by the Prophet Kimbangu with his wife. Kimbangu's words move Charles deeply. He begins to doubt. Will he commit the assassination?