S'Läbe - everyday

Artistic Director: Deborah Macauley / Mbene Mwambene Performers: Ada Hass / Carl-Anton Steiner / Elijah Sallin / Emilia Angelini / Emilia Manz / Eva Busekros / Laura Peklak / Lilli Emma Spörri / Maria Corsetto / Melika Jamili / Milo Unsworth / Sky Zappimbulso / Oskar Huber / Pia Schneider / Ruben Unsworth / Viktoria Surkova / Victoria Müller / Willy Krähenbühl / Sophia Kirbach Assistance: Maimuna Barry Furnishing: Sophia May
We all know life, don't we? Routines are part of it, but which routines are really helpful? Are things that are relevant to ourselves also relevant to others? We're all a little stressed, aren't we? But that doesn't matter, because "life is not a bed of roses." In Club 2, 20 young performers want to challenge life, toast it and make fun of it - and all with a lot of excitement. An event full of experiments! Photos © Laura Kaufmann