Takuva - We are tired

Directing and Concept: Mbene Mwambene; Performers: Veronique Aleiferopoulos, Janine Lucy Chilambe, Elisabeth Frank, Jessie Gongolo, Ansirè Sissoko; Producer : Silvia Hesse and Harald Schandry; Premiere: Kleckstheater Hannover, 01.06.2018; Also shown at Blantyre Arts Center, Malawi, 2018
A German girl flees from the all too materialistic and extravagant world of Europe. At the same time a girl from Malawi tries to escape the world of poverty and abuse in southern Africa. Both are tired of being restricted in their femininity. They meet in a fictional room called "Blantover". Here they wait, ready for a better world where women are heard and recognized. The state of waiting is similar to that in Samuel Beckett's "Waiting for Godot" and that of captivity in Athol Fugard's play "The Island".Is it a space of emptiness or does it fill with hope and change?