The Story of the Tiger

Performer: Mbene Mwabene Directors and Adaptation of Text: Thokozani Kapiri und Mbene Mwambene Original Text: Dario Fo Premiere Germany: Theater Konstanz, 2012 Premiere Malawi: Nanzikambe Arts, Blantyre, 2011
The motivation behind the people’s anger are the immediate feel of existential distress, lack of freedom, corruption, police brutality; the economic deficiency and nepotism. The demonstration turns into a revolt and one demonstrator gets shot in the leg. He flees into a cave, where he meets a tigress and her cub. What appears to be a threat at first turns out to be an encounter of affection and a source of strength. Helplessly and lonely, he gets in the hands of the predator. Recovered from his injuries, he returns to the city with new courage and determination to wage war against his oppressors with all force available – together with his new allies. On the other hand the Chinese are backing the oppressive regime with weaponry.The play has been shown more than 300 times in Malawi, Germany (Berlin, Hamburg, Konstanz, Aschaffenburg, Singen, Heilbronn, Ulm, Hannover, Bremen, Hamburg and Berlin) Austria, Japan, Malawi, Ireland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.