The Whispers

Text & Performance: Mbene Mwambene; Concept & Direction: Ntando Cele, Mbene Mwambene; Light & Sound: Bharathi M. Franaszek & Valerio Rodelli; Photos: ©Moritz Lang; Premiere: Schlachthaus Theater Bern, 2019. The shows in Canada in 2022 were supported by Kultur Stadt Bern und Gemeinde Köniz.
The Whispers is a solo physical performance, that brings a personal journey of colonialism to life. It’s a response to both colonial and current perspective of being black using storytelling, poetry, sarcasm, music and body movement. Mbene Mwambene traces his family history. Asking, is a modern Black man free to choose who he becomes? What does it mean to decolonize oneself when living in Europe? What does it mean to have a name? The Whisper which has been performed at Schlachthaus Theater Bern, Konstanz University, Theater Konstanz, Schwankhalle in Bremen, Theater am Lend Graz, Lichthoft Theater Hamburg, Stadthaus Ulm and Saint John Theater in Saint John, Canada. The german version "Das Flüstern" was presented at LurUPina – Zirkusfestival Hamburg and at the Jahrmarkttheater Bostelwiebeck.